Body Cleansing and Care Foam

  • It cleans the skin kindly, removes bad smell and decreases germs
  • It offers a practical cleaning service for patients hospitalized
  • It provides hygiene without the need for rinsing
  • It maintains the body’s natural moisture balance
  • It allows the user to 55 implementations
  • It does not alcohol
  • It does not contain chlorofluorocarbon gases
  • Dermatologically tested and rated as “very good”



Actolind®  Foam has been developed for daily cleaning. The active ingredient allantoin has a soothing effect and accelerates cell developement, cell formation or even cell regeneration. Panthenol in turn has nourishing properties by increasing the moisture retention capacity of the skin, relieves itching and supports the skin cells in the formation of new skin. Actolind®  Foam is therefore ideal for care and cleansing of skin and hands.

Chemical composition​

Aqua; Isobutane; PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate; Cocamidopropyl Betaine; PEG-75 Lanolin; Cocamide DEA; Glycerin; Polyaminopropyl Biguanide; Panthenol; Allantoin; Citric Acid; Ethylhexylglycerin; Phenoxyethanol; Parfum.

Method of Use:​

Actolind®  Foam is ready-to-use and can be used immediately, anytime and anywhere. Shake well before application and use the spray can with the nozzle down. Foam the skin areas to be cleaned with a distance of approx. 20 cm, allow to soak in for a short time and then wipe off with a disposable cloths.

Actolind®  Foam can be used on the whole body!


Recommended Usage:

Before use, shake well so that the head is facing downwards. 20 cm distance from the area to be cleaned. Your foam is tight. Wait briefly for the foam to take effect and then wipe it off with a disposable wipe.



Pieces in Box


100 ml



500 ml