Actolind® Hydrocolloid Plus, is a gelatin free hydrocolloid adhesive wound dressing laminated to a semi-permeable, bacteria-proof and waterproof polyurethane film backing. The dressing forms gel upon absorbing wound exudates providing a moist wound environment that supports granulation and epithelialization.

Gel formation prevents the dressing from adhering to wounds and so the dressing can be removed without causing pain and without damaging the granulation of epithelial tissue.

The outermost layer, which is used to protect the wound from external contamination, is a breathable, bacteria proof, virus proof and water proof polyurethane film.


Usage Areas:
✜ Partial and full thickness dermal ulcers
✜ Pressure, Leg and Diabetic ulcers
✜ Burns (First and Second Degrees)
✜ Skin Donor sites and Skin grafts
✜ Superficial wounds/minor abrasions
✜ Protection of fragile skin or areas exposed to friction such as elbows, heels or the sacral area
✜ Ostomy wounds to protect the skin from stomal effluent
✜ Post-operative dressings